At Avanti Automotive, we always strive to offer our customers excellent value for money in the products and services we provide. We work hard behind the scenes to ensure that if you have an issue with your car, or even need to be updated, we have robust systems in place to take care of everything.

We have listed some items covered within Customer Care Package, so you have confidence knowing that it offers excellent value and we only charge it for the right reasons.

We are proud to be one of the largest independent dealers in the South West and pride ourselves for our Aftercare and Customer Service. We have over 300 five-star reviews for your reassurance. Read on to discover more about our intensive vehicle preparation, and for the journey ahead.

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Automotive Customer Care Package

At Avanti Automotive, we understand that reliability and peace of mind are crucial when making a new purchase. We care about our customers, and this is why we have created a Customer Care Package.

All our Cars we have a compulsory Customer Care Package applied, priced at £99. Our Customer Care Package includes a 100 Point Mechanical Inspection, 3 Month Silver Warranty, Minimum 6 Months MOT, an Oil Service if required, the option to extend to either 12- or 24-Month Gold Warranty and a Valet. We also have a Customer Referral Incentive and Multi-Vehicle Purchase Discount – Other Benefits Include…

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Commercial Customer Care Package

At Avanti Commercials, we understand that reliability and peace of mind are crucial when making a new purchase. We care about our customers, and this is why we have created a Customer Care Package.

All our Commercial vehicles have a compulsory Customer Care Package applied, priced at £149+vat. Our Customer Care Package includes a 100 Point Mechanical Inspection, 3 Month Silver Warranty, Free Delivery, Minimum 6 Months MOT, an Oil Service if required, the option to extend to either 12- or 24-Month Gold Warranty and a Valet. We also have a Customer Referral Incentive and Multi-Vehicle Purchase Discount.

Our preparation goes way above all expectations

Weekly Price Check

90% Of our cars are already advertised in line with Autotraders “GOOD PRICE OR GREAT PRICE” indicator, and we check our prices weekly to ensure we are the most competitive in the market.

“Our prices are comparable and, in most cases, better than the car Supermarkets and main dealers.”


All cars are supplied with a 3-month silver warranty, with A1 Approved Ltd. Even though we do everything possible to prepare our vehicles to the highest of standards prior to a customer taking delivery – but nobody can foresee the unexpected which can ruin even the best-planned motoring budget. We do always offer our extended Gold warranty which covers a lot more components on the vehicle you are purchasing along with a higher claims limit and a longer time period.

Service and MOT

Every car leaves us with a fresh Service and a new MOT unless the MOT is longer than 6 months.

“Many dealers will top up the oil and call it a service! Most will not Service”

MOT Advisory Notes

At the end of an MOT any MOT tester could have identified a number of issues that may need fixing soon but are not serious enough to cause the vehicle to fail its MOT. There is no legal obligation to take any action based on the MOT advisory notes, but it would be unwise to ignore them. At Avanti Automotive ALL of our cars are sold with no outstanding advisory work required. You will be given full documentation with your new car which will highlight all of the vehicles preparation with identifying what has been repaired or replaced.

“Many dealers (including some main dealers) sell cars with lists of MOT advisories”

Technician Road Test

As part of the preparation of our cars, our professionally trained technician’s take each and every car on a 3-mile test drive. They use the same route which takes the cars over roundabouts, speed humps and up to 70 mph around our local area to ensure the car drives correctly. This test drive is enough time to identify any faults before the service and mot is carried out.

“Many dealers don’t road test their vehicles, because as a road test doesn’t form part of a mot”

In-House Service Centre

We have our own in-house service centre and a team of experienced technicians that have all benefitted from in-depth training. We have fantastic level diagnostic equipment for both cars and commercials.

“Many independent dealers do not have their own workshop and use independent garages for preparation. This leaves you with no choice but to find your own garage if your car develops a problem. When you do find a garage, they have no obligation to deal with your warranty company, or even support you as they did not supply the car”

Quality Parts

We use only the best quality parts on your car during preparation. We are approved by and use Petronas Oils (Mercedes Original Oil), and when we need to re-new brake parts, we use Padgid or Brembo, supplied to Porsche, Mercedes and used on many high-performance cars. We fit the same quality of parts regardless of the car and its price. From a Fiesta, to a Range Rover, all parts are equal quality. We use only the best quality parts for our cars, you can be assured of their longevity. In extreme cases when there is an issue, most parts we fit are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.

“Many dealers will fit the cheapest components available with little or no regard to their longevity after the car is purchased and after the warranty runs out, leaving you with potential bills for replacements”

Avanti Automotive Assured Check

In addition to the standard 100 Point Pre-Delivery Health Check, we complete an Avanti Automotive Assured Check on all our vehicles for that extra peace of mind. Our Assured Check aims to delve deeper into the condition of the vehicle and its fine workings including but not limited to the turbo and related pipework, the DPF system, the transmission and gearbox system, fuelling system and injectors. Each major component is meticulously checked to an exacting standard ensuring all our vehicles suitable and ready to drive away for many happy miles of motoring.

“Many dealers carry out a small service and MOT and are not really interested in any underlying faults a car could have, just as long as it passes an MOT”

New Number Plates

If you have a private number plate, our sales executive will complete the online transfer for you. We will also provide “free of charge” new private number plates to be printed and fitted to your car.

“Many dealers don’t replace number plates; this is to keep the cars preparation cost to a minimum”

Airport and Train Transfers

If you choose to travel to us via Bristol Airport or Bristol Temple Meads, you will be able to take advantage of our free private chauffeur service. Simply let us know what time you arrive and the time you would like collected and we will send one of our drivers to collect you. Feel free to bring your family!

Platinum Valet

At Avanti we have our very own valet centre who methodically and meticulously prepare each Vehicle to the cleanest condition possible using the finest cleaning chemicals. We use AutoGlym & Autosmart products extensively during preparation to present your new car in the best possible condition and ensure the longevity of its finish in the future.

“Because of our in house Valet Centre and our excellent relationship with AutoGlym, we do not outsource any of our valet work to others”

Preparation Documents and Report

Finally, once the preparation is complete, you will receive a fully documented Pre-Delivery health check for your car including details of everything that has been checked and the condition it is in. We also provide you with extensive paperwork listing everything that has been changed, replaced or renewed during preparation.

“How many other dealers give as extensive pre-sale preparation as us, and document it. If you are looking at a car elsewhere, be sure to ask what their preparation entails?”

Warranty Excess Charge

Like car insurance, warranty companies charge an excess whenever a customer makes a claim. Our warranty company charge £30 excess meaning customers are usually responsible for the first £30 of any claim. As part of our Customer Care Package Fee we will pay the warranty excess, regardless of where you are located in the UK or whichever garage you choose to complete the repairs.

Vehicle Electrical & Mechanical Diagnostic

Knocks rattles and warning lights provide a clear sign to drivers that something is amiss with their vehicle. If you see a warning light appear on your dashboard, it may be simply due to a small insignificant and easy to repair fault, or it may be a sign that there is a serious underlying problem with the car. Even if you aren’t experiencing any performance issues, it’s essential to get the cause of the fault checked and rectified ASAP. Our In House Service Centre has all of the latest and up to date diagnostic equipment. Therefore, if a fault appears on your car, from a simple rattle to a warning light, our team have the right equipment to diagnose the issue. Most faults can usually be diagnosed within 15 minutes, as part of our Customer Care Package if you bring your car to In House Service Centre you will not be charged for any investigation work during these first 15 minutes. Any additional work required outside the 15 minutes will be discussed with you by your technician. This is valid for the length of time you own the vehicle.

Handover Gold Valet

Your new car has already benefitted from a full platinum valet for display on our fourcourt. In addition to this our car spa team will carry out a Gold Valet ready for collection (rrp) £50+vat. This includes a wash and polish to the exterior paintwork and glass, tyre shine, and a full interior hoover with hard surfaces dusted.

Registration Documents / change of ownership

V5 registration documents are completed by us and sent to the DVLA recorded delivery at an extra cost, so we can track your document if ever there is an issue, again taking out the hassle for you of registering your new car in your name. We also help you with your new car by administering your tax for your new vehicle on site on day of collection, meaning when you leave your car is road legal.

AutoGlym's LifeShine Administration

If you choose to have your paintwork protected by our market leading Autoglyms Lifeshine we also administer a lifetime warranty that covers the product.

Motorcheck HPI Check

We take care of the HPI on your new car as a matter of course and we also HPI check your part exchange (if you have one) at our expense, typically in the region of £10-15. You do not need to HPI a car you are purchasing from us. Please consider that when we purchase cars we think the same as our customers and we are very picky about our stock. We look at service history, owners, condition and more importantly mileage checks and HPI (which we also must pay for). If you would like a copy please ask and we will be happy to provide you with one.


We do a great deal of work behind the scenes with our partner finance providers. From negotiating excellent rates with our current partners, to bringing additional finance companies on board if we feel they have a great product for our customers.

We process all your finance needs in house, setting up your new package including all relevant identification checks, and completing all paperwork on your new agreement from the initial set up to the completion phase. We fully settle any existing finance on your part exchange, meaning you don’t have to do anything. All part exchanges are settled usually within three working days depending on the finance company.


We have worked with Motor Trade legal experts Lawgisitcs for over 5 years giving us an unrivalled understanding of the legal issues and compliance regulations.

Our legal team are on hand to advise and inform ourselves and our customers on current and upcoming changes to consumer law. Ensuring we can offer the best advice.