Extended Warranty Cover From Avanti Automotive

Gold Poster Warranty - Avanti Automotive Ltd
Poster Car Repair Costs A1 Approved - Avanti Automotive Ltd

Gold Cover

The following components are protected against mechanical breakdown (as defined elsewhere in this document). Please note that if a part is not specifically listed, it is therefore not covered.


Rocker assembly, inlet and exhaust valves, valve guides andsprings (excluding burnt valves and decokes), cylinder head(excluding cracks and overheating damage), head gasket, push rods, camshaft and cam followers, timing gears, chains and tensioner, oil pump, pistons and rings, cylinder bores, gudgeon pins, con rods and bearings, crank shaft and bearings, oil seals and bushes, inlet and exhaust manifolds, fly wheel and ring gear (except dual mass flywheels with excess play), turbo speed sensor, lambda sensor, oil pressure switch, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, distributor drive, oil cooler.

Gearbox – Manual

All internal failures of gears, shafts, synchromesh hubs, selectors, seals and bushes, bearings, speedometer drive, solenoid, transfer box.

Gearbox – Automatics

All internal failures of gears, oil pump, seals, shafts, bushes, clutches, brake bands, bearings, governors, servos, torque convertor, drive plate, valve block, computer governor, modulator valve, speedometer drive.

Continuous Variable Transmissions – CTX/CVT

All internal failures of clutches, planetary gears, reductions gears, shafts, variable pulleys, thrust link drives, internal seals, bushes and bearings.

Drive System (front/rear)

Crown wheel and pinion, half shafts, half shaft oil seals, bearings, planet gears, bevel gears, rear external drive shafts, constant velocity joints, 4-wheel drive units.


Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake callipers (excluding seized callipers), servo, brake pumps, brake limiter valve, ABS computer/sensors/pumps.


Rack and pinion, steering box, idler box, power steering rack/ ram and pump, pressure pipes, reservoir, steering column.

Cooling System

Water pump, thermostat, heater matrix, electric fan motor/ sensor, viscous fan coupling, radiator, air conditioning pump, condenser, evaporator, magnetic clutch and valves, expansion valve, pressure and temperature sensors.


Propshaft, universal joints and bearings.

Fuel System

Mechanical/electrical fuel pump, stepper motor, injection pump, air flow sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, fuel cut off valves, fuel gauge (when purchased separately), fuel pressure regulator, oxygen sensors, throttle position sensors, fuel lift pump.

Front/Rear Suspension

Shock absorbers, coil springs (except corrosion), upper and lower wishbones, ball joints, swivel joints, McPherson struts, suspension arms, anti-roll bar, self-levelling units and reservoir, pump and regulator valves, seals, displacer, hydro-pneumatic system.

Wheel Bearings

Front and rear wheel bearings, but excluding hubs.


Centre plate, pressure plate, thrust bearing, clutch fork, cable, master cylinder, slave cylinder.


Starter/solenoid, alternator, coil, distributor, electronic ignition module, front and rear window/headlamp wiper motors, heater fan motor, indicator interrupter unit, electric window motor, sun roof motor, instrumentation gauges where purchased separately, centralised locking solenoids/ pumps, water / oil mixture sensor, parking sensors (front and rear but excluding painting), tyre pressure monitoring sensors, headlight switch, electric window motor switches, sun roof motor switch, relays, sensors, electric aerial motor, horn, cruise control system. (Front and Rear heated screens and elements are excluded from cover). If Your Vehicle has a convertible roof the roof motor, sensors and switch will be covered but not the folding mechanism / arms or the roof material.


Cylinder block, gearbox, and axle if they have been damaged by a mechanical breakdown of one of the above parts.